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Hi I'm Rachel, owner and soul of Caffery Graphics.
I have always had an interest in the way art pulls you in and how the elements focus your attention. When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I felt pulled to "make things pretty" and stand out. Yet I didn't know what that exactly looked like. I didn't feel I could draw well, I wasn't the best at painting, and forget making textiles. In high school I would visit the art room any chance I had, simply to take in everyone else's creations.
I began college with the interest in web design coding - you know back where you wrote line for line HTML. After a few years, I still felt that this was not the path I was suppose to be on. I switched colleges and majors to communications with a focus on multimedia graphic design. I enjoyed creating again. One thing my professor told me, that sticks with me still, "Your first job should be and will be in printing." Lo and behold - mine was.
I've worked in the areas of printing, publishing and marketing for going on 15 years now. I've helped a lot of clients in a variety of projects, large and small. Each set of clients had different needs that allowed me to be adaptable and use different skill sets to make sure their message was clear. Anything from business cards, marketing materials, to logo and full branding packages. More recently have been developing skills in digital and social media marketing.
My goal with Caffery Graphics is to help individuals and small businesses create cohesive style between their personality and message. My hope is to find how my skill set will help you solve any missing links in your overall marketing strategy. Whether that is a brand logo, imagery for your messages or other projects to get your branding where you need it to be.
I am here for you today.

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